Apple to open its first retail outlet in India in Mumbai

DQW Bureau
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Apple Computers, which had been exploring the possibility of opening its

retail outlets in India for quite some time, is all set to turn that possibility

into a reality by opening its first retail outlet at Mumbai sometime in October.

The company is holding talks with some of its partners with whom the company

plans to open its retail outlet at Mumbai.

After gauging the performance of its Mumbai retail outlet, the company is

also planning to roll many more of them in India. Apple’s Mumbai retail outlet

would in all possibilities be on the line of Apple’s retail outlets in

Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

In Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia Apple markets its products through its

Apple Centers, which are run by general businessmen, who are trained by Apple

computers to run the Apple centers. These businessmen are given training by

Apple so that they are able to successfully and efficiently explain to the

buyers about the respective Apple products and hence successfully boost product

sales. Albert Lam, MD (South Asia) disclosed this.


The company is also planning to target the enterprise segment more

aggressively in India and is looking for new channel partners to make deeper

inroads into this segment. Till now the company was primarily focusing on the

education segment in India.

“One hears about the enterprises in a big way and they have grown

tremendously and so we want to leverage on this growth for which we are looking

for more channel partners to tap the enterprise market. We are in the process of

striking major deals with many enterprises in India shortly. We also plan to add

on many more channel partners to capitalize on the growing enterprise segment in

India with our products,” said Lam.

“We have launched X serve 1U Rack-Mount Unix based server in India with

which we would be able to target the higher education segment, mainstream

enterprise markets and the video space markets in the country successfully. The

server's unique combination for file and print service, render farm, video

streaming, database applications, computational clustering along with Web and

mail serving will help us enter fresh markets,” remarked Lam.


Lan also informed that Apple also plans to enter the enterprise segment in a

big way with its recently launched MAC OS X version 10.2 OS under the Unix hood

in India. Lan said that the new features of this product include mail

applications which involve i-chat and instant messenger and it is also equipped

with Quick Time, Apple’s trade mark software. The new OS also includes Shelock

search engines.

“India is a tremendous growth market for Apple products and we have hired

enthusiastic professionals to streamline our operations in the country and we

hope to grow further here,” added Lam.

Abhinav Singh