Apple to launch out-bound call initiative for channels

DQW Bureau
New Update


Apple Computers International has announced its plan to

launch out-bound call initiative, which is a call center that is targeted at

promoting the company's Titanium PowerBooks in the country. The call center

would be operational in Mumbai very shortly. The same facility will be launched

in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai later.

Apple claims that the out-bound center will be different

from their existing in-bound Mac line center, which helps the company's channel

partners and users to access information about their entire range of products.

The out-bound call center will be more focused on promoting Apple's Titanium

range and positioning this product as a complete solution in the corporate


The call center will also provide support to Apple's

channel partners in terms of demonstrations and joint promotional activities.

The new initiative from Apple would also enable engineers to demonstrate the

Titanium PowerBook at customer's premises. However, the company’s channel

partners would fulfill the deal.


Apple's resellers will also have the option to contact

the call center to avail support to close any deal or address technical queries.

According to the company, this initiative will help its resellers to position

Titanium PowerBook as a complete solution for vertical segments, which look for

digital life style.

In a related development, Apple has announced its plan

to appoint special channel partners to promote the Titanium PowerBook. The

company would recruit three channel partners in Delhi and Mumbai shortly.