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Apple India is working behind scenes to bring about a radical change in its channel sales. Apple sells through Ingram Micro and Neoteric, apart from selling directly in India. With a new thrust to target sectors such as SOHO, SMB, Education, Home and Unix users, the company plans to entrust specialist resellers and sales support partners. The process is on and is slowly and silently being put in place.

The refocus and thrust on sales and target audience comes in the wake of the company's launch of new products and price slashes on its popular products worldwide. 

Apple Computer has also passed the same on to the Indian market in a move to gain extra market share and register high double digit growth this year.


Along with this, the company at its annual show, MacWorld, announced the launch of its new browser Safari, a free download, along with the world's largest notebook, with a 17" display screen packaged with a one Ghz processor and a super drive aptly called Power Book. 

A 1.4 Ghz dual processor Power Mac was also launched calling it 'the performance machine on steroids'. Apart from this Apple, also rolled out Mac utilities such as the iLife and a new presentation application called Keynote. iLife is a combination of iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes and iDVD in one package. 

"With so many product launches, do you think, Apple is dead?" quipped Deepanshu Sharma, Marketing Manager, Apple Computer International.


"Apple is very much alive, kicking and sailing. We do not advertise or market loudly. We do not believe in blowing our own trumpet, at least not too loud. We let our customers speak for us. With programs like service camps and technology seminars we strengthen our relationship with our customers and also create awareness among them," he added.

Apple slashed its prices on Power Macs, iMacs, eMacs and its display screens. Although, it was reported that the price cut came in the wake of Apple being bogged by competition and sluggish PC market, company official feel that it is providing the economies of scale and the benefits of price to its customers. This, Apple feels would help it to gain market share even in a price sensitive market like India.

However Sharma disagreed, "Apple products are quite affordable. It is designed and made to cater to the power and performance hungry users. The applications are packaged and made user friendly to the extent that complicated computing is child's play in a Mac."

Ranjeet Rayen