Apcom to launch DX5008 GX switches

DQW Bureau
New Update


Apcom has announced its plans to launch the Dax DX5008 GX, a new high performance switch supporting data intensive e-business applications which will be a perfect solution for the growing demand on the network resources.

With 8SC ports, each working on 1000 Mbps wire speed and a switching fabric of 16 Gbps, these switches can efficiently tie together high performance file server, workstations, workgroups and shared access desktop hubs.

For total network control, the built-in-Web engine gives the DX-5008GX a user-friendly front end to SNMP device management. With support for IEEE 802.I q Spanning Tree management protocols, the switch has ability to enable backup loops between switches. It also provides fault tolerance from incorrect wiring, which can otherwise result in multiple paths tying up the network with endless loops.

DX-5008GX switch ensures bandwidth for specific users or applications through 802.1 p traffic prioritization and 802.1 q VLAN support. Priority on each port can be adjusted for optimal performance.

Wire speed performance on all ports and guaranteed 12k MAC address allows DX-5008GX to be an Edge Switch in large enterprise networks.