Apcom launches Dax DX-5008F switch

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Chennai-based Apcom has announced the launch of the Dax DX-5008F switch. The DX-5008F provides users with an affordable way to upgrade ones network performance to switched Fast Ethernet, in addition to relieving congestion on the network. The DX-5008F helps run multimedia applications and provides 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps dedicated bandwidths in each port, a requisite for common operations.

Adhering to both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet standards to ensure compatibility and interoperability, the DX-5008F switch is housed in a desktop case and its internal universal power supply makes it safe for all power environments. Its comprehensive status LED panel provides valuable network information which makes diagnosis and trouble shooting easier.

The optional 100 Mbps fiber port of DX-5008F offers convenient fiber backbone and inter-building connection where distance and safety are required. The optional fiber module supports all fiber standard including Sc/ST/MTRJ/VF45 connections and multi mode and single mode media. 

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