AP broadband project bids finalized

DQW Bureau
New Update


Heightened competition among bidders and with a zeal to deploy the booming

broadband network in the state, the Andhra Pradesh gov-ernment is doing a fast

forward act in finalizing the bids for the Rs 400 crore-Rs 600 crore broadband


"We have finalized on three bidders for the proposed 1 GB broadband


Reliance, Universal Broad-band-a consortium led by K Krishna Prasad, an NRI

and Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd and Aksh Broadband Pvt Ltd-a conso-rtium of Aksh

Optifibre Ltd, RailTel Corporation of India Ltd, In Cabel Net (Andhra Pradesh),

Spectranet and Tata Indicom/VSNL," explained Andhra Pradesh Technology

Services Ltd (APTS) MD Randeep Sudan.


"We are overlooking the revenue models quoted by these bidders and we

might opt for a combination of these players," he added.

Surprisingly, the otherwise time consuming system of finalizing on the

tenders, and short listing of bidders has just taken three weeks and by the

first week of December the final commercial bidding process would be through.

Detailing this move as the new face for all e-governance initiatives, Sudan

attributed this to the new government that's thinking on new lines of

approach. Further elabo-rating on the funding of this project, he said,

"The government initially invited international consultants for the Request

for Proposal (RfP) and for the organi-zational structure for the broadband

project costing around Rs 60 lakh. But we at APTS took the initiative to come up

with our own frame-work and invited a Canadian consultant to vet on the alr-eady

prepared plan, there by saving costs."

This methodology that cost the government around Rs 3,70,000 was not only

cost effective but was also benchmarked against global standards.

Sunitha Natti