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Anker Announces Wall Chargers with Power IQ Technology

Anker Innovations, which works in technology, launches its next gen high speed, 35W multi-port mobile charger. Compact in size with two in one functionality – 2 port USB-C charger with 20W Power delivery port and 15W Power IQ 2.0, charges two devices at one go. The product is available on Amazon with an 18 months warranty.

Anker 35W PowerIQ 2.0 supports next-generation speed, has a USB-C Power Delivery port, and is loaded with 20W of output power to charge the newest iPhones and other devices at maximum speed. The wall charger charges phones, tablets, and other devices up to three times quicker than a standard charger. Anker’s distinctive charging technique employs a layered architecture with proprietary magnetic components which makes it minimal in size, increases efficiency, and enhances heat dissipation. The tiny design, along with a folding plug, guarantees optimum mobility wherever it goes.

The Multi Protection safety technology on the charger combines over voltage protection and temperature control to provide all-around device protection. Its smart device detection intelligently manages power based on the connected device. The 35W Power IQ Port PD+ 2 is designed to function seamlessly with a broad range of smartphones, tablets, and other devices, allowing you to charge all of your gadgets with a single ultra-portable charger.

Anker Innovations has sold over 54 million products in 146 countries, reaching the company’s objective of becoming the world’s leading charging brand.

Approximate price of these chargers is Rs 2199/-

With Power IQ devices, the devices are programmed in a various way to call different protocols that can charge devices as fast as possible with as much power the device can take. If it’s an older phone, then the protocol that may be called will be one from just a regular charger. If you were to use a newer device, the charging protocol would be faster since the device can handle the faster charge rate.

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