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Should India move towards a

system where politicians become businessmen and start treating the management of

the government as handling a large company? From the experiments conducted so

far, it would seem that if India has to reach the ranks of the developing

countries, this model should be followed.

This concept has been

propounded very successfully by N Chandrababu Naidu, CM, Andhra Pradesh. And so

successful has he been in this endeavor that he is now being referred as the CEO

of Andhra Inc. In fact, sometime back one of the leading financial daily

presented him with the Best Indian CEO award. Across the board, all politicians

irrespective of their political affiliations should follow in Naidu's footsteps

if they really have India's interests at heart.

Perhaps the biggest feather

in Naidu's cap has been the fact that he was able to impress Bill Gates enough

to make sure that Microsoft established its Indian development center in

Hyderabad–its first outside the US. Along with that, a host of other biggies

like IBM, Oracle etc have also established a big presence in the state by

becoming an integral part of the IIIT which itself is another notable

achievement for Naidu.


The latest achievement for

him has been his ability to convince the top corporate honchos of India to set

up the proposed Indian Business School in Hyderabad. In the process, by behaving

more as a CEO, Naidu scored over the claims of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and

Maharashtra, who were also in the race. In fact, not only did Naidu give a whole

lot of concessions and cut down the bureaucratic red tape, he virtually rolled

down the red carpet to welcome luminaries like Anil Ambani, Rahul Bajaj, Deepak

Parekh and Rajat Gupta.

And now Naidu is adding

another feather cap in his cap by organizing orbIT 2001–an IT expo–in

Hyderabad. Unlike other such shows, this expo will focus on the business

opportunities through meaningful business exchanges between the IT industry and

the IT user community, as well as tie-ups for foreign state-of-the-art

technological and investment collaborations.

And to promote the event, a

series of roadshows are being organized across the country. The roadshows have

presentations and interactive sessions by AP Government delegation headed by

Rajat Kumar, Joint Secretary.

Now which other Indian Chief

Minister has managed to give so much focus to IT. The answer is nobody.

Everybody acts and behaves like a politician, which is perfectly okay as it is

their profession. But at the same time, it would do wonders for their image, if

all of them start emulating Naidu not only in words but also in deed.