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There was a time, when Jalandhar was known as a hub for sports goods, but

things have changed now for this city located in the affluent state of Punjab.

With a population of more than 20 lakh, the city has a lot more to offer to its

residents in terms of business opportunities. In the last 10 years, a whole lot

cities in India developed business-wise and so did Jalandhar. The city has

become a prominent educational center and is home to various universities like

Lovely Professional University, Punjab Technical University and several medical

colleges. Coincidentally, the education sector has also become a big business

vertical for the 20 year-old IT market in Jalandhar. “Around 70 percent of our

business here comes from the educational institutes and the rest comes from

manufacturing industries,” said Rajiv Khanna of Computer Touch and Media Advisor

to the Jalandhar Computer Dealer Association (JCDA).

As far as specific product goes, Laptops are gaining constant popularity

amongst the people in Jalandhar. “In the last two weeks, I have sold 10 laptops.

Laptops are becoming popular mainly amongst the youths from colleges and they

are our target customers. Nearly 60 percent market in Jalandhar is of laptops

and the rest comprise of networking and media products, desktops and gadgets,”

said Khanna.

  • Market name: Jalandhar
  • Surrounding market: Ambala, Amritsar, Ludhiana
  • Size of market: Around 1,000 desktops/laptops per month
  • Number of dealers: 150
  • Associations: Jalandhar Computer Dealers'Association
  • Business trends: There is demand for new products in the IT market

    as customers in the city have become more computer savvy.

The other products, which are doing well in the market are wireless routers

and security surveillance products. Parminder Saini of Netpro said that in the

current scenario of booming demand of these products, selling them is not tough

anymore. “To give an estimated figure, if I used to sell around 100 routers one

year ago, then now I sell around 250. The sale of Firewall and anti-virus

products have also gone up. I don't have to try hard to sell these products

anymore, customers want them all the time,” explained Saini.

The IT market in Jalandhar is also well supported by an active association in

the city, the Jalandhar Computer Dealer Association (JCDA). “Our association

consists of more than

110 registered members and the additions will keep on happening in the coming

time,” hoped an optimistic Rupesh Sharma, President of TCDA.

Bharat Sharma