An e-book initiative for Africa

DQW Bureau
New Update


EBL, a division of Australian com­pany Ebooks Corporation Ltd, and British

export bookseller Mallory International announced a joint initiative to promote

and develop the sale and access of e-books into libraries in Africa.

Innovative pricing and delivery models, appropriate to the region, are being

developed jointly to give institutions effective access to the latest content

and e-book technology, according to a press release.

Though access to electronic resources can be difficult in Africa, as there

are many obstacles to delivering content electronically, Mallory said it is

confident that the libraries in the region would be ready to invest in making

these technologies work and it will benefit African institutions.


Julian Hardinge, Chairman, Mallory International said, "We are delighted to

find a partner who is not only a leader in delivering e-books to libraries, but

also has been prepared to work with us to meet the particular needs of customers

in less developed countries."

According to Kari Paulson, President, EBL, "Mallory's expertise and awareness

of the particular challenges of the market will be invaluable in helping us

developing access and commercial models that will work for libraries in this