AMD strengthens its customer service support in India

DQW Bureau
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AMD India recently

announced the launch of its customer service centers in 65 new cities

across India. The event marks a key milestone in AMD's strategy to

strengthen customer support operations for its products that are

backed by AMD's limited three-year warranty. Through this on-demand

customer service network, resellers and end customers can now walk

into the nearest Accel Frontline Services center to seek speedy part

replacement on occasions when they encounter quality issues with

their retail PIB purchases.

AMD is committed to

accelerate profitability of its end customers who depend on AMD

products to advance their unique business requirements. In addition,

the company recognizes the growing need for customer service in the

home PC segment that requires efficient and hassle-free customer

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AMD already has a

partnership with Accel Frontline Services for seamless

customer care through its robust network of service centers, parts

warehouses, distribution and logistics in 51 cities. The extension of

AMD service centers in 65 new cities through this network will allow

its customers to connect with AMD for direct support and swift part


AMD is witnessing a

huge demand from upcountry markets for its products. The company is

focused not only on increasing sales in these markets but also

enhancing customer experience and trust through faster turnaround,”

said Ravi Swaminathan, MD and VP, sales and marketing, AMD India.

“AMD is proud to announce the launch of 65 new service centers,

which now increases our network to a strong 118 in India. The network

also enables us to interact directly with our customers as we

constantly improve our support strategy to meet customer needs. We

have seen sharp rise in customer satisfaction survey results since

the inception of the customer support center.”