AMD launches Windows-compatible 64-bit processor

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AMD has introduced Windows-compatible 64-bit PC processor–the AMD Athlon 64 FX. Claimed to deliver the highest overall 32-bit performance for the demanding applications and the power of 64-bit computing for the next wave of software, this launch comes in close heels of the announcement of the 64-bit PowerMac G5 by Apple last month.

Announcing the launch in the capital, Sanjeev Keskar, Country Manager (India), AMD Far East Ltd, said that this launch is a landmark in the company’s existence in India. “This new product will implant AMD as the leaders in the technology business with quality OEM partners in India. When we started here, we had no tieups and virtually no market share, but in the last two years we have been able to create a stir in the market.” He foresees that with this product, AMD will be able to gather higher market share than what it had been able to.

According to the company, the processor has been specifi-cally designed for Prosumers (gamers, PC enthusiasts and digital content creators) and high-end application drivers. With HyperTransport techno-logy, this product scores 16 per-cent more in overall perfor-mance as compared with the Intel 3.06 GHz processor.


AMD says, for the mainst-ream desktop users, AMD Athlon 64 processor brings in benefits of AMD 64 technology to desktop and notebook users and delivers great application performance for consumers and businesses. The AMD Athlon 64 processor provides 32-bit software application performance while allowing a simplified migration path to 64-bit applications.

For mobile computing, the AMD Athlon 64 processor for notebooks is designed for high-performance computing and wireless connectivity. It features advanced power management from the AMD PowerNow technology for reduced power consumption and extended system battery life.

The AMD64 technology follows the evolutionary path of the industry-standard x86 architecture, allowing develop-ment of a unified 64-bit compu-ting infrastructure designed to be fully compatible with the pervasive x86 architecture. AMD64 technology allows customers to protect their investments by continuing to use their 32-bit software until they decide to implement new, 64-bit software.


Meanwhile, Microsoft has also announced the release of the beta version of Windows XP 64-bit Edition, and announced the availability of the Windows XP for 64-bit for desktop systems by the first quarter of 2004.

On the recent launch of Apple’s PowerMac G5, Keskar said that Apple is a niche product and cannot be a mass product.

Talking about the pervasiveness of the 64-bit processor, Sam Rogan, Director (Marketing), AMD Asia Pacific, said that it would not take as long as 10 years for 64 bit computing to be a reality as Intel says. “We are confident that we will be able to make it a reality in much less a time.”


Added Ajay Marathe, VP (Manufacturing Service Divi-sion), AMD Inc, “AMD’s focus will be to try and create quality technology for the masses.” Speaking about the company’s R&D facilities, he said that AMD is strongly looking at Latin America, China and India to expand. On the channels’ front, Keskar added that from the first week of October, AMD would start a week-long education initiatives for the channels.

The AMD Athlon 64 proce-ssor is available in Model 3200+ for desktop computing, priced at $ 417 in 1,000-unit quantities, and Models 3200+ and 3000+ for notebook computing, priced at $ 417 and $ 278 in 1,000-unit quantities, respectively. The AMD Athlon 64 FX processor is available in the FX-51 series, and is

priced at $ 733 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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