AMD launches 12-core processor, Intel worries

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AMD debuts in 8 and

12-core x86 processor to serve the high volume 2P and 4P server

market. href="">Close

to the heels of this launch, its arch rival, Intel has

convened a press conference to announce its Xeon 6500 and 7500

processor in Bengaluru. AMD Opteron 6000 series platform with


connect architecture 2.0 delivers enhanced memory, additional cores,

and is price-effective. Intel has a clear dominance in the market

with more than 75 percent share in servers space, and its new

processors have eight cores that can facilitate additional memory



“This is the world's

first 12-core x86 processor that can redefine the market with more

performance and cores that gives value for price to our customers. We

are giving value addition to our vendor partners and corporations.

Our processors are compatible with more than 25 OEM platforms that

include Acer, Cray, Dell, HCL, HP, VMware and Microsoft,” said href="">Ravi


Managing VP, and Regional VP-Sales and Marketing, AMD

India. On asking about AMD's competitor Intel, he refrained from

commenting directly but however he added, "It clearly showed

that we have expertise, and are setting benchmarks and that is why

Intel seems worried." Although, both the companies have entered

into a landmark agreement for the operations with OEM partners,


AMD Opteron 6000 series is
powered with AMD Cool Speed Technology that reduces processor speed

when a temperature limit is reached and the servers would not fail.

"The focus is on design, innovation and manufacturing as well as

new products together with our partners to redefine business. More

than 50 percent of consoles and slot machines are running on AMD

processors," Swaminathan added. With the availability of new

series, the company is expected to revive its relationship with

manufacturers. Designed for data centers, the new Opteron lineup

features 119

percent enhancement in floating performance, and the

company is also planning for a major upgrade with Bulldozer core

architecture in 2011.