AMD colors brighten up Nehru Place

DQW Bureau
New Update


Mohit Chhabra

New Delhi

AMD is adding color to Nehru

Place with its "AMD Shop D,cor Tehelka", a contest that is currently

on. It is slated to run from April 16 to May 31, and is meant for the resellers

of Nehru Place. The new campaign will award the dealer who best displays and

highlights the AMD brand at the point of sale consistently during the period.

The scheme is open to all AMD

resellers in Nehru Place and around this market. Nearly 200 resellers have

registered and are currently part of the promotion. To keep the playing field

level, AMD distributed similar Shop D‚cor kits to all resellers. The kits

included six posters, six balloons, stickers and glow-signs.


The accompanying marcom

material included pens and small knick-knacks that have also been distributed as

part of the kit. AMD will continue to provide resellers with material support as

the scheme progresses.

AMD will rate the resellers

on a 10-point scale on parameters that include brand visibility, innovation in

display of material, dissemination of technical information and a test of

selling skills through mock customers.

The first reseller assessment

will be held within the first two weeks and another in the last week of the

period to assess sustainability of AMD visibility and an aggregate of the scores

will decide the winner.


The awards announced include

a Sony 2000 watt 3 CD/VCD player as first prize. The second and third prizes

respectively are a 21-inch Panasonic color television and a Sony 3-in-1 CD

system. The scheme also includes two Sony walkmans as consolation prizes.

The scheme being run to

increase AMD visibility both inside and outside the point of sale has already

started to reap benefits for its resellers. Said Gagan Gupta of Computer

Infinite, "The inquiry levels have shot up and the sales will too."

Sunil Bansal of Intex added, "AMD is gaining mindshare and we expect sales to pick up within a month."

This is a pilot exercise that

AMD plans to take to other cities as well after gauging the success of the same

at Nehru Place. This was logical as a majority of AMD sales comes out of Nehru Place. (CNS)