AMD clocks the highest ever marketshare in India

As India is amongst the top 3 growing markets, the company is strengthening its both commercial and consumer business

Nivedan Prakash
New Update

As per the latest IDC report, AMD India has recorded its highest ever market share of 20.1 percent in the Q4 FY12. The company has grown 12 times in India as compared to the market growth over the last one year.


AMD continued its surge in the commercial segment, clocking its highest ever market share of 27.1% in Q4, 2012. In the commercial desktops, AMD currently stands at 22.4% in Q4 2012, from 20.6% in Q3, 2012; while in the commercial notebook segment the company captured 31.4% of the market share, which is a harbinger of the fact that every third notebook in the market is powered by AMD.

Furthermore, the IDC report highlighted that the consumer notebook market share stands at 14.4% in Q4, 2012 from a low of 3.1% in Q1, 2011, marking it a growth of 570% in absolute unit terms.

"AMD India achieved a record all -time high market share of 20%, doubling share over one year, and growing at 12 X the market. This was achieved through targeted initiatives in both the enterprise and consumer space, creating strong value for enterprises, consumers, channel partners and OEM partners," Ravi Swaminathan, AMD India's MD and regional VP, sales & marketing.


AMD's new APU technology combining processing and graphic capabilities positions AMD in the sweet spot of the market as it undergoes unprecedented transformation," added Swaminathan.

AMD recently outlined its future strategy and is looking to introduce strong new APUs and graphics offerings in the first half of 2013, thus accelerating its business to generate positive free cash flow in the second half of this year.

Talking about this fete, Vinay Sinha, director and country manager, Enterprise Business South Asia, AMD India, pointed out, "In the commercial business space, the company has gained major bytes out of the competition's failure. We have also been focusing on growing segments like 'Manifesto Buying such Tamil Nadu-Elcot deal, UP government's free laptop scheme, etc. Besides, BFSI segment is another area where we have been successful in making inroads, as 67 percent of the top banks are on AMD."


"The other mantra for our success is the strong alliance and evangelism with OEMs, wherein each and every OEM has at least 6-7 SKUs based on AMD. We have also strengthened our collaboration with resellers and the whole channel ecosystem. And instead of going in for just media hype, we have invested in people. Going forward, our focus would be on geographical coverage in India, and visibility and investment on branding. Also, channel growth and coverage will be the main focus in H2 of this year," asserted Sinha.

Highlighting the company's efforts in the retail/consumer business, Chandrahas Panigrahi, Country Manager, Consumer and Retail, AMD India, said, "We have witnessed 22 times market growth on AMD Notebooks in last 12 quarters. In FY'12, we grew by 570% in consumer business. We have created a new AMD retail ecosystem with 50 plus Warlords and 1400 plus retailers. There is also a strong adoption by the likes of Croma, Reliance, Flipkart, and Vijay Sales."

Panigrahi further stated, "we have created a good consumer team of 35 people present in across 26 cities directly who drive business ownership, retail engagement, and OEM field engagement. OEM alignment has also been strengthened wherein we have got 6 additional OEMs and an additional 30 SKUs across 8 OEMs were launched. The company has also enhanced AMD Retail Ecosystem to create the pull in the Indian market. With 19 retail stores currently, AMD will add 5 more this year."