Ambrane Launches WH-11 Headphone

Ambrane announces the launch newest WH-11 Headphones. It gives you a picture-perfect blend of comfort, quality, and style. Sounds hefty, doesn’t it? However, this won’t cost you an arm or a leg and your wallet remains intact.

Sedulous, comfortable and high-grade Ambrane Headphones can be folded compactly to be carried at ease anywhere you go.

Its super stylish look adds an essence of charm to your personality. These premium headphones are bound to give you an incredible listening experience; meanwhile for all kinds of activities, its ear cushion material benevolences you with a comfy fit.

Brimming with Excellent Audio Sound Quality, this headphone comes with inventive Noise Isolation feature, which revokes every sound out in the world and lets you concentrate on your music.

This piece of audio equipment is designed with layers of high-density foam, sound-absorbing material to maximize your listening experience while keeping the ambient noise out without affecting the sound quality.

The headset is glutted with space age technology and features such as Neodymium Speaker Drivers which not just gives you an amazing sound quality but also lasts long; the newest Bluetooth
version 4.0 is supported and the best part, you can play your favourite playlist and songs for long
hours without interruption in quality.

Last but not the least; it’s also loaded with volume control options on the earcups to give you an easy access to the music adjustments. The product is available with leading retail stores and e-com stores across India.

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