Ambe to foray into consumables

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Nisha Kurian

  • Company name: Ambe Computers
  • Proprietors: DL Jain, Rajesh Jain
  • Address: No 18, Narasingapuram Street, Shop No 7 & 8, Majestic Plaza, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002
  • Tel: 8516166, 8516318
  • Mobile: 98411-40609
  • Email:
  • Brands: Samsung, ProView, Microtek, Seagate, TVSE, Frontech, Logitech,

    Wintron, Mercury, Dax, D-Link, APC, Powerplus, Intel, Ambe
  • Products: monitor, hard disk, keyboard, mouse, motherboard, modems, cabinet, UPS, floppy drive, CD drive, CPU, Pentium III, Pentium IV (1.5 GHz, 1.6 GHz)

Ambe Computers, which started with an initial investment of Rs 10 lakh in 1998 (25/05/1998), broke even exactly after three years. Steered by DL Jain and Rajesh Jain, Ambe Computers accommodates almost the entire range of hardware products - keyboards, printer, CPU, monitors, cabinets, speakers, CD-ROMs, mouse, internal and external modems, UPS, floppy drive, hard disk, networking products etc. It trades the major brands like Samsung, ProView, Microtek, Seagate, TVSE, Frontech, Logitech, Wintron, Mercury, Dax, D-Link, APC, Powerplus. "We are the Authorized Dealer Partner for TVSE products, authorized reseller for Dax, Genuine Intel Dealer and a dealer for Samsung. The rest of the brands we buy from the vendors and supply them in the market," said Rajesh Jain, Proprietor of Ambe Computers. Currently Ambe Computers, which is trading in Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Salem and Coimbatore is planning to open new branches in the near future.

On querying how the ride was from 1998, remarks Rajesh Jain, "It was normal. There was stiff competition in the market. If one tradesman sells a product for Rs 1000 the other person will sell it for Rs 900. So here it is cut throat competition to catch the customers. In order to survive here we give the best pricing to retain the customers. Service is an important factor. If we fail to give servicing in the proper and required manner we will lose our customers," he added.

"We have been achieving the day-to-day targets for TVSE. Similarly we have accomplished the targets for Samsung and Seagate. Suppose if the company assigns a target of 1-5 lakh we have successfully purchased the products and completed the target," adds Rajesh Jain. Ambe Computers are bringing out UPS under the brand name


In future the company wants to move into consumables since it does not require any warranty and service support. "If you sell a computer peripheral which carries a warranty period, tomorrow it may not work. In that case you will have to replace it." Because of stiff competition the company is expecting a turnover between Rs 3-4 crore, similar to the last fiscal.