AMBALA: City progresses on the IT path

Ambala is located in the northeastern state of Haryana, just east of the Ghaggar river. It is widely believed that Ambala; the meeting point of the hills and plains was founded in the 14th century by one Amba Rajput. A major grain, cotton and sugar trade centre, Ambala is a major pilgrim center for the Sikhs and is known basically for its shrines. 

Economically important industries include cotton ginning, flour milling, food processing and various manufactures. Cloth weaving and bamboo-furniture making are important handicrafts.

There are many stories that are believed to have lent the present name ‘Ambala’ to the city. According to one, the town gets its name from one Amba Rajput, who founded this city way back in the 14th century. But a large section believes that Ambala came to be named so after the goddess Bhawani Amba who is an important deity of this place. Yet a third story says that the name of the town is a corrupted form of ‘Amb wala’ – a place abounding in mangoes, which no longer exist though. 

District Informatics Officer 
NIC Computer Cell
C/o District Collector/DM 

Ambala, laid out in a grid fashion, became a large British cantonment in 1843 AD. The town is called Ambala City while this cantonment area is known as Ambala Cantt. The cantonment was established after another one at Karnal was abandoned in 1841 due to a massive spread of malaria. 

Even before 1947, the district had some big factories. Today the city is the district headquarters and the centre of a booming manufacturing industry, especially that of scientific instruments. The place has the biggest natural lakes of Haryana and is truly an angler’s paradise.

Ambala is known for the multiplicity of shrines and is revered by the Sikhs as an important Sikh pilgrimage. The three historical gurudwaras namely, Badshahi Bag Gurudwara, Sis Ganj Gurudwara and Manji Sahib Gurudwara are associated with Guru Govind Singh, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Hargovind respectively. 

Muslim pilgrims throng the shrines or ‘dargah’ of Lakhi Shah, associated with Tej-ud-Din Chisti and Taqwal Shah, throughout the year. 

Located in the north of the city is a pleasant open space known as the Paget Park. It has the shell of the St John’s Cathedral, designed in the 14th century Gothic style, which was bombed in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war. 

The small city of Ambala sees good amount of business in the IT sector. Both the assembled and branded Pc’s are doing equally well. The Pc penetration is good in all sectors. The IT market is catching up as the demand for IT products increase.

Major Buyers

  • Alcon Scientific Industries 
  • Ambala Yellow Pages 
  • Ashoka Machinen Fabrics 
  • Beam Engineers 
  • Cos Lab India 
  • Desh Biological Works 
  • Elson Enterprises 
  • Garg Tents 
  • Glassco 
  • Interlabs Biological Laboratories 
  • Jainsons India 
  • Krishna Foundry Works 
  • Oberoi Scientific Corporation 
  • Precision Instruments House 
  • Rado Colour Industries 
  • Sagar Electricals 
  • Sant Engineering Company 
  • Seema Exports 
  • Starlac Scientific 
  • Zuko Engineers

Major Resellers

Kaizen Computers P Ltd.

38/4b S-3 2nd Floor.
Friends Center. Opp. Ispat Bhavan
Sanjay Place, Agra 282002
Tel: 2352817

Mohans Warehouse

Block No. 25/20,UG,
Sanjay Place
Agra 282002
Tel: 2356382
Fax: 2350372

Ramesh Infotech
Netcity, E-759
Kamla Nagar
Agra 282005
Tel: 2580800

Vidur & Co. Pvt Ltd
35/F2, Sanjay Place
Opp. Bharat Petroleum Office
Tel: 2520096/2158413
Fax: 2520096

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