Altair plans channel expansion

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face="Times New Roman, serif">US-headquartered

product design company href="">Altair

Engineering is looking at adding more

resellers. The company which has a strong foothold in CAD/CAE

solutions, has launched partner program called HyperWorks Alliance

and a sales program. Rajneesh Shinde, Director-Marketing, Altair

said, “We are mainly into product development tools, CAD/CAE

software. Our traditional base is manufacturing. HyperWorks is a CAE

simulation software platform for which we have a unique channel and

licensing model.”

face="Times New Roman, serif">Altair

has 3000 customers globally, and operates under a two-tier channel

model. It has appointed one exclusive distributor and 10-15 resellers

in every region. Under the HyperWorks partner alliance program,

partners would get direct access to Altair's customer base. They can

leverage existing marketing teams and the revenue will be shared on

customer usage. Shinde elaborated, “If we analyze partner benefits,

they get exposure to multiple customers. It lowers their cost per

sale and also under licensing; partner tends to earn both ways-per

sale and per usage. What we earn is an increased demand for our

platform and if the customer decides to buy the entire license, then

it's a win-win situation for all.”

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company is planning to penetrate into new sectors like defense,

government,heavy engineering etc. Shinde added, “We have another

sales program where in partners earn the usual way. Altair is a

company which offers opportunities to all scale of partners as long

as they are committed to us. Partners are expected to be technically

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at least to a basic

level.” Altair will take care of regular training programs

and other initiatives. The company is also looking at adding more

cities and partners to its portfolio.