Allied expands wireless access point offering

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Allied Telesyn, the global IP networking solutions vendor, today announced

the launch of its new AT-WA7400 enterprise-class wireless LAN access point.

The AT-WA7400 accommodates radios operating within both 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE

802.11 frequency bands. It complements Allied Telesyn's broad wireless LAN and

networking solutions and offers latest security features, advanced management

tools and superior performance with single 802.11g and dual 802.11a+g radio

configurations. The AT-WA7400 also offers Power over Ethernet (POE), Virtual

LANs (VLANs), Multiple SSIDs, Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Quality of

Service (QoS), Load Balancing and AP Clustering features.

The Multiple BSSID (basic service set ID) is the MAC address of the access

point. The BSSID field in a beacon allows the mobile units to distinguish

between different access points. Enabling granular segmentation of the wireless

LAN into multiple broadcast domains to meet specific enterprise needs, the

Multiple BSSID support provides wireless system administrators with both an easy

solution to the mix-and-match security methods in use today and a powerful tool

for creating multiple classes of clients with a single access point.

"The flexible architecture creates a way for organizations to migrate

not only from legacy 802.11b technology to higher performance 54Mbps

802.11g-based networks at affordable cost, but also gives them a path to utilize

802.11a technology without changing their hardware," said Jason Phoon,

Allied Telesyn's Senior Manager for Product Marketing in Asia Pacific.

Combined with its extensive line of Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches, Allied Telesyn

provides a wide range of complete solutions for the small, medium and large


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