All is Well in Jamnagar

DQW Bureau
05 Jul 2010
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Known as the Nawanagar or the new city, Jamnagar is one of the most princely

states of Saurashtra. The state consists of more than 5,000 large scale and

10,000 small scale units manufacturing brass items in and around the industrial

estates of Shankar Tekari, Udhyognagar and MP Shah Udhyognagar.

Jamnagar refinery is a private sector crude oil refinery owned by Reliance

Industries. The refinery was commissioned on July 14 1999 with a capacity of

661,000 barrels per day. It is the largest greenfield refinery and third largest

refinery in the world. It is currently undergoing massive expansion that will

double its capacity to 1.2 million barrels per day.

Jamnagar Channel Partners have an association called as Jamnagar Information

technology Association (JITA). The market sell 400 to 500 PCs, laptops and

desktops per month. Jasmin Kamdar, Proprietor, Binary Systems, said, "The market

has been picking up day-by-day consequently resulting in an increase in the

margin as well. Subsequently we are able to achieve our targets, which helps us

in the positive response from our customers.



Around 90 percent of the total IT demand comes from the home segment and is

considered as the main driver of the IT market. The products that have the

maximum sale in these segments are laptops, PCs and peripherals. In fact Lenevo

acquires around 80 percent of the share amongst other brands in the same

segment. "In fact the market has increased 1.5 times and has been growing

rapidly in the laptop and the desktop segment. Lenevo is one of the leading

brands in the market and we have only one exclusive showroom. We sell daily one

product from Lenevo when compared to Dell or other products which equals the

ratio as 2:1" added Kamdar.

Market name: Jamnagar

Market location: Gujarat District

Market size: 400-500 PCs per month

Surrounding markets: Khambariya, Vaadinar, Dwaraka and Mithapur

Prominent dealers: Binary Systems, CP Consultancy, Sudarshan Infosys

Associations: Jamnagar Information Technology Association (JITA)

Business trends: It's going to be a huge market for the home segment

in the near future because it seems that the people are not concentrating on

corporates because they do not make the payments on time.


According to Kamdar the service support and quality by Lenevo is

comparatively much better than the other brands and also the service support

from them takes three days to deal with the issues. Other brands take seven


Jasmin Kamdar, Proprietor, Binary Systems

What are the major challenges in the


According to the partners they sell the required product to the

customers in Jamnagar and provide on time service support to the customers.

What are the leading brands in Jamnagar?

For the laptops and desktops Lenevo rules undoubtedly, but even Compaq

rules in the desktop segment.

Which customer verticals are contributing to the IT segment in Vadodra?

Currently the main focus is on the home segment but SOHO and the retail

segment also helps the channels to sustain their business. There is great

opportunity lying ahead in the home segment as 90 percent of the dealers in

the market are focused on the same.

The biggest players in the distribution sector are Binary Sytems, C.P

Consultancy and Sudarshan Infosys in Jamnagar.

Ashwin Kothari from Kothari Infosys shared, "The market has picked up in the

last few months and the growth of branded and assembled products has increased

considerably. Lenovo is good but Compaq and Acer also have a good demand in the