All is well between MRON and Spire

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on how the heads of MRON and Spire were at logger heads over

the closing of service center. To give a little gist about


story it was a case pertaining to non-payment and service support.

The proprietor of Rajkot-based Spire Systems was frustrated with its

distributor MRON International, as it closed down the local service

support in Rajkot and also failed to clear Spire's payments. FITAG

had to intervene in order to clarify the issue.


Addressing more about the

issue Kaushik Pandya, President href="">FITAG

said, “After the matter was

escalated to us we decided it was important for us to get ourselves

involved in the issue as Saurin is a part of our association. So I,

as the president of FITAG and Gaurang Vyas, Treasurer of FITAG as

well as Saurin from Spire Systems along with Kalpesh Rughani,

President, RCTA remained present in the meeting. It was a lengthy

discussion with MRON and it was decided that the matter is to be

resolved amicably suitable to both the parties.”

The meeting took place at

MRON's Ahmedabad office where Umesh Garg who handles the operations

of MRON International on the top-most level remained present in this

meeting. According to Pandya, MRON has responded well as far as

warranty of their own products are concerned. And also the service

station of Rajkot, which was withdrawn, was a commercial decision by

the company and that has not affected the warranty of the products of

MRON. It was decided that the service station at Ahmedabad will be

catering to all the warranty needs of MRON products as of now.

“I am very pleased that

FITAG supported us throughout and helped us in resolving the issue on

an urgent basis. The misunderstanding has also been cleared between

us and MRON regarding the payment issues for the product repl style="background: transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;">acement.


would like to thank all the concerned people who helped us in this

process,” shared Saurin Parekh, Proprietor of Rajkot-based

Spire Systems. In the meeting it was also decided that all the

products which Spire System is carrying will be also honored for

their respective warranty periods.


MRON will also bear the

logistics of the products under warranty from Rajkot to Ahmedabad and

back and as a good gesture the same amount is also reimbursed upfront

to Spire Systems while settling the account. It was mutually decided

for both the parties to settle the accounting and also a final

payment is made by Spire to MRON International.

“We have insisted Umesh

Garg to circulate their warranty policy to all the member

associations of FITAG for their knowledge, which will also be helpful

for them to regain confidence of their own brand. This circulation

will be done within few days only,” added Pandya.

The discussion came to a

conclusion with MRON agreeing to withdraw all the legal actions

initiated against Spire Systems and not lodging any further legal

actions in this regard. “I am very happy that this issue has been

solved amicably between the partners and cleared the

misunderstandings as well. It was a matter of realization and mutual

understanding between us. I assure that our partners will not come

across any problems regarding product replacement in the near future.

All the products will be repaired at the Ahmedabad service center,”

said Rajendar Kumar, Marcom Manager, MRON International.