AIT-Bangalore plans session on GST; Post rollout

As the entire country was getting prepared to embrace GST, the AIT(Association for Information Technology) in Bangalore had two very informative programs on GST, and now again the association is planning to host a GST session again post implementation for its members in order to clear their doubts related to the filing of bills, stocks carrying, transaction doubts etc.

In talking to The DQ Week, R.Sridhar, President, AIT said, “We at AIT have covered all the important aspects of GST before its implementation only but are planning to host another session in order to clear the remaining doubts also which could now arise after the implementation”.

The first session which the association did for the members was by a Tax consultant & advisor, L.Sridhar on the 18th of May 2017. The program was an introduction to GST and the second program was organized on 18th of june which was conducted by Dr. Ranganath, JC from the Commercial Taxes department that was about “Awareness, Migration & transition”. Both the events were immensely successful and the members got benefitted added Sridhar in the talking.

The third program in this series will be held shortly as said by the president of the association. In this the association plans to address the practical issues of billing, filing return, ITC etc.

Sridhar further shared that the third session will be for how the members will be carrying the  billing, how the inter-state transactions will be done, how will they get credits for the same, how will they get hands on Tally software, how will they declare their stocks etc. All these issues will be taken care of the third stage of our session on GST for the members.

Tally is doing many road shows all across Bangalore these days and the association is hoping to consult Tally to support the event during the same. The association plans to conduct the session in the month of July only.

On asking about his own business R. Sridhar says, “The sales will take at least a quarter to get stable as GST has just been implemented and the changes in the system will take some time to be back on track.

Till then we are investing our time to get ready with the conditions and norms under GST and we are trying our best to prepare our members also”.

Sridhar of Triangles Technologies says, “There will be short-term disruption in the market due to GST but our members are prepared and their remaining doubts post-GST will also be cleared soon through this third GST session.

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