Ahmedabad: Progression in Progress

The largest city in Gujarat and the seventh largest in India, Ahmedabad has certainly got some points to boast about. According to a recent Forbes magazine rating, Ahmedabad is the fastest growing city in India. It also ranks #3 in the fastest growing cities of the world. With these facts, Ahmedabad is apparently getting a lot of attention from people. 

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, the city was the capital of Gujarat from 1960 to 1970; after which, the title went to its closest neighbor Gandhinagar.
Ahmedabad gained prominence as the commercial capital of the state, and the city witnessed a major construction boom and population increase. It became a rising center for education and scientific industries; and the IT industry too, developed significantly in the city. A Nasscom survey in 2002 on the ‘Super Nine Indian Destinations’ for IT-enabled services, ranked Ahmedabad fifth among the top 9 most competitive cities in the country.

Keeping the IT growth track intact, the city has been doing a healthy business for the past few months. Revenues have been pouring in from all verticals and are collectively adding to the development of the city. According to Vivek Goenka of Damson Technology, SME and SOHO are the prime growth verticals; while Navdeep Goyal, owner, Silverline Infocom said that apart from SME and SOHO, the corporate and government segments are also equally contributing. Although laptops remain the first choice of consumers, Goyal asserted, that desktop sales are picking up yet again. Among brands-Dell, Toshiba, Epson, Intel and AMD are the top grossers.

Talking about vendors, Goenka expressed with pleasure that he never faced any problem with his vendors. He said, “I have no problem with my vendors. I am very satisfied with their services.” Goyal on the other hand shared his displeasure about the warranty issues, he faces with his vendors. Sharing their future expectations, both Goyal and Goenka concurred that the future looks promising and the market is bound to be on the higher side. “I predict a growth of at least 20% in the times to come,” concluded Goyal.

Market Name: Ahmedabad
Market Location: Gujarat
Surrounding Markets: Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Surat,
Computer Association: Ahmedabad Computer Merchants Association (ACMA)
Prominent Dealers: Aegis Infoware, Compex Technologies, Damson Technology, Mehta Brothers, Pace Computer Consultant, Sai Infosystem, Shani Peripherals, Silverline Infocom, Silvertouch Technologies, Technofirm Software
Business Verticals: SOHO, SME

Interview: Dilip Gandhi, CEO, Compex Technologies

What are the products in demand right now? Do you see any change in the trend?
Along with PCs, projectors are also doing good business here. A new trend which I can see in the market is that people are going for branded business products, like the HP business series.

Do you have any computer associations in Ahmedabad? How active is it in solving your problems?
Ahmedabad Computer Merchants Association (ACMA). It is averagely active in the city.

What are your market predictions for this year?
Last year we grew by 40 to 45%. This year too, I hope for the same, as the market is opening up; and the SME, government and corporate sectors are growing good in the city.

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