Ahmedabad IT dealers favour early GST implementation

As GST is to be implemented soon by the Indian Government, IT dealers of Ahmedabad in talking to The DQ Week showed their keen interest in adapting the process.

Atul Shah of Aegis, Ahmedabad, in talking to The DQ Week shared,”My business is all about dealing in software and hardware. As my business is about dealing own products thus I have not faced the drawbacks of demonetization but overall the IT industry has witnessed a lot downfall in the business. After GST, we are hoping that there will be more demands from the customers as pricing of products is likely to be reduced also old setup has to be changed by the dealers meanwhile in accordance to GST plan into new. Hopefully the Government will also be investing more now for the IT industry during the process”.

Vishal Shah, IT dealer in Ahmedabad owns Syner Soft shared, “IT industry will be the most affected field by the implementation of GST in my knowledge thus we just want GST as soon as possible. It will be really helpful in terms of taxation as it will be more relaxed after the implementation. The business is good right now in our region for IT dealers and the market is also stable thus hopefully GST will be a boost to this”.

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