AGTE launches Big PC for Rs 1 lakh

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Cochin-based Aldous Glare Trade & Exports, a leading sub-distributor in the region, has launched a new PC under the name, Big PC. It is priced at Rs 1 lakh and targeted only on the high-end home segment. “It is a premium product and there are customers to buy it. This is a complete PC with all multi-media solution and high-end graphics devices and we expect a good response from the mar-ket,” said George Thomas, Chief Executive, AGTE. The company has launched this product through its corporate business division,


The configuration of the PC is Intel Pentium 4-2.40 GHz HT, Intel 865 GBF, 256 X 2 DDR 400 dual channel memory, 80 GB SATA Maxtor HDD, 52x Combo Drive (CDRW + DVD), 19-inch flat monitor, Microsoft wireless optical desktop, Pinacle TV tuner card, Kodak 10x zoom 3.1 megapixel digital camera, HP photo printer, broadband Internet connectivity and Windows XP home.

Meanwhile, the company is also increasing its focus on ret-ail sales and going aggressive in display business. “We have everything with us from LCD monitors to DVD writer to laser printers to MFDs to gam-ing devices. In the smart devi-ces, we have pen drives, palm tops and high-end products like servers, mobile printers, etc,” said Thomas.

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