After Kolkata, Shillong plans to follow footsteps… starts with free Wi-fi service in school

SHILLONG: After Kolkata being turned into a Wi-Fi City, the State Government has started providing free internet services in many Government aided schools of Shillong to promote the concept of e-learning.

The times are past when education in schools entailed students to learn from physical books. With the world being gradually turned into a global village and internet being the connecting chord, closing one from internet literacy and the world of exposure that it provides equals to illiteracy. Schools need to be open towards electronic learning methods to make students better equipped with ebook content and make them adept with digital learning from a young age.


Informing on this Information and Technology Minister, AL Hek said that the department intends to provide free Wi-Fi in all Government schools.According to Hek, once the Government schools are covered, private schools would also be provided the same facility.“The scheme is being designed to empower the students with the internet to encourage e-learning,” Hek said.


It has been learnt that the Government is also contemplating to provide free Wi-Fi in different parts of Shillong with an aim to make it a ‘digital city’.Several tourist spots are also expected to be provided with the same facility.


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