ADCTA Diwali Carnival receives overwhelming response

The association has decided to extend the scheme duration, and is now planning to announce the scheme's lucky draw results on November 24

16 Nov 2012

Nehru Place based All Delhi Computer Traders Association's (ADCTA) first of its kind 'Diwali Celebrations Carnival' initiative has brought a cheerful wave in the Asia's largest IT hub. This month-long carnival has been well accepted by the end-customers and received an overwhelming response on the good sales and increased footfalls. Looking at its success, the association has decided to extend the scheme duration, and is now planning to announce the scheme's lucky draw results on November 24.


Speaking on the positive response, Mahinder Aggarwal, president, ADCTA said, "We are delighted to receive such positive results on this Diwali. Last 10 days were most exciting and busy days for our IT dealers. Almost every product and brand being sold under the scheme were amongst the fast moving ones. We are confident to see 20-25% increase in sales this year, and almost 10 lakh people must have visited the place to do the shopping."

"As per earlier aim, the association wanted to distribute approximately 50,000 coupons to the end- customers through their IT channels including all major brands like Samsung, LG, Philips, AOC, Benq, Canon, HP, SONY, CP Plus Dell, Creative, Logitech, Techcom, SVB and so on, covering all products under the scheme," said Shyam Modi, chairman, ADCTA. He further added that we are pleased to update the industry that we have achieved more than we expected. And now gearing up to the final conclusion of the scheme, awaiting final counting of distributed coupons. Also, Lucky Draw is likely to be held on November 24.

Adding more to the event, Swarn Singh, joint secretary, ADCTA said, "This is our maiden attempt and in future, we will bring more schemes to attract more buyers to Nehru Place Market-Asia's biggest IT Hub. We are going to distribute an assured gift by producing lucky coupon and proof of Purchase on Lucky draw day. Multiple brands have supported the event and many participated in the scheme. The scheme was applicable on multiple products, from a pen drive to high-end products. We are grateful to our all associated partners who made this effort to commendable achievement."

The participating dealers from Nehru Place includes Broadway Computers, Modi Infosol, Cost to Cost, LOTUS Systems and Services, Panchsheel Computers, RR Systems, RX Infotech, Purple Computers, RJ Computers, SVB International, Sanmati Computers, Champion Computers, Digital - Dell Showroom, PL Computers & Communications., Jain Electronics, Kadam Marketing., John Infotech, Lapcom, Tech India Solutions, Creation Computer Tech, Transline Technology, Sona Sweets, SSDN Infosolutions - HCL Showroom, SAM Softwares, J Tech Computers, Multilink Computers., Spark Technology, Computer Land and Challenger Computers. and many others.

According to Satish Sharma, director, Cost to Cost retail store, "We want the association to not only limit this scheme to Diwali, we want such schemes to roll out on all important occasions. We have good sales on products like TFT monitors and printers, which were being sold under the scheme, wherein products which were not under the scheme had seen slow movement."