ADCTA cancels disputed election

Existing Committee to continue for now

All Delhi Computer Traders Association’s committee election which was held on 3rd March, 2017 has finally got cancelled due to the rules of the constitution of the association.

Ashok Agrawal, Chairman of Election Commission while taking action on the objection of some members, he handed the note to the old president of the association and conveyed that till the new election, Mahindra Agarwal and his old team will take charge of the association.

Ashok Agrawal said that he had done a lot of hard work, that he had taken the object by resorting to the rules, under the goodwill, he ignored while doing the election because he wanted solidarity in the market and he believed that it was not a big issue and it can be ignored as well, he believed that the rule is the rule and in the future, after taking lessons from such mistakes the association can move ahead in progress.

The election commission has taken the action and said Mahindar Agarwal and his team to focus on resolving GST related queries of association members.

Mahindar Aggarwal said that the work of association will be start soon after establishing new executive committee.

The working committee of ADCTA till new election is as follows

Mahinder Aggarwal, President

KS Oswal, Vice President

Inder Chand Jaju, General Secretary

Swaran Singh, Secretary

Ratan Lal Jain, Treasurer


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