AData and Transcend's revenue grows 30% in Nov

DQW Bureau
New Update

Memory module manufacturers including AData and Transcend both experienced a

growth in revenue. AData's revenue in November grew by 30 percent over last

month at NT$5 billion while Transcend reached revenue of NT$3 billion. AData's

new manufacturing plant was started in Suzhou last month. In the first stage, 12

SMT production lines and eight DRAM production lines have generated 2.4 million

pieces in 2007. Flash memory production lines increased at four percent with

monthly production volume of 2.4 million pieces. By 2008, DRAM and flash memory

production volume is expected to reach three million and 3.6 million pieces

respectively. Transcend's revenue in October declined by about 10 percent from

September. Transcend grew rapidly in Russia and India. In Russia, Transcend's

marketshare has been ahead of Kingston and SanDisk. With increasing production

volume, Transcend can reach production volume of 2,00,000 pieces in 2007.