Acme to focus on education

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After having tied-up with IT major Sun Microsystems, to market its products

and solutions in the UP region, Lucknow-based Acme Digitek Solutions (P) Ltd is

focusing on deploying Sun IT solutions in the educational institutions of UP


With high-end IT solutions broadening its canvass to sectors like education

and research in the UP region educational institutions like IIT Kanpur or IIM

Lucknow have already started to take IT deployment very seriously. The trend is

fast catching up with other regional institutions and universities as well.

"We see a lot of scope for solutions in the computing segment in places

like Lucknow University, IIM Lucknow and IIT Kanpur. Moreover, there are a lot

of research institutions like CDRI, NBRI, CIMAAP, RDSO and ITRC. There is a lot

of high-end computational work that goes on these institutions. We want to

target this with Sun Microsystems product offerings," said Pramod Mishra,

Director, Acme Digitek.


The company's association with Sun Microsystems is likely to bring high-end

computing product offerings to the region. In addition to this, Acme is also

looking forward to selling end-to-end NAS and SAN-based storage solutions as


Acme is also working towards offering a mix of open source technologies for

its set of clientele in the region. "There are a lot of opportunities in

this region, we just need to explore the best possible way to create a win-win

situation for our clients. So, if our customers cannot afford Sun Solaris, we

would be offering them a solution based on open source as Sun Microsystems

supports the open source cause to quite an extent," added Mishra.

Zia Askari