Acme Computers expands product portfolio

DQW Bureau
New Update


Chennai-based Acme Computers, is planning to add more models of PC cases

under the Asics brand. The company also has plans to expand its portfolio by

adding other peripherals under the brand and is scouting for partners in South.

“The new series of imported cabinets, set for launch in August, will be slim

and stylish. It will weigh 6 kg without SMPS and will be UV oil paint coated,”

said Priyesh Chouhan, CEO, Acme Computers.

The Gold Series cabinets come with 500W SMPS, while the Silver have 450W SMPS.

All the Asics cabinets carry a three-year warranty. “Our immediate focus is now

on the domestic market. However, we are on the lookout for partners across

South. We are in talks with some people,” Chouhan explained.


The Asics brand was launched with 18 models in June 2009. The basic model

starts from Rs 950, while the new series will start from Rs 1,500.

“For those who want their PC to acquire branded look, we offer wide variety

of imported cabinets,” Chouhan stated. He further added that he plans to launch

a range of peripherals under the Asics brand, which will include keyboard, mouse

and headphones. “The success of Asics PC case has motivated us to bring in more

products to our portfolio. We are committed to offer quality products to our

customers,” Chouhan concluded.