ACi offers free PCs and laptops to schools via its buy-back scheme

DQW Bureau
31 Jul 2003
New Update


ACi has extended its mission of making India computer savvy by offering free PCs and laptops to semi-urban schools across the country. ACi is to launch a special buy-back scheme offering a facility enabling users to acquire notebook computers and trade-in their old Desktop PCs or laptops for a minimum price of Rs 14,000. 

The traded-in hardware received by ACi will then be donated to deprived schools around the country.

ACi has thus far secured orders in access of 6,000 notebooks in the education sector and is expected to secure an additional 5,000 by the end of this financial year. This new scheme is expected to further increase the company's turnover and unit sales, which in turn will give ACi a large chunk of the market share.

Hirji Patel, CMD, ACi (Asia) Ltd, said, "This is one of the reason why I bought ACi brand to India. To offer the best value notebooks to the nation and force out product dumping. The profit margins go towards providing the best service and help to the deprived schools and the children of India. This gives me great satisfaction from my business in India. We will launch scheme after scheme to bring the price right down, trying to make the whole nation computer savvy."

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