ACI Infocom launches G-Data anti-virus in India

DQW Bureau
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In a bid to move from box-selling business and focus on higher technology

products, ACI Infocom launched Germany's G-Data range of anti-virus and Internet

security products at an event held in association with Trade Association of

Information Technology (TAIT) in Mumbai on August 4. The distributor has also

tied-up with several of TAIT members to promote the product further.

Sharing its 'go to market' strategy, Alok Gupta, MD, ACI Infocom stated,

“G-Data has appointed ACI as its exclusive distributor and service provider for

India and South Asia. In order to ensure greater availability of products, we

have appointed around 40 regional distributors across the country and are

looking to tie-up with resellers and system integrators who have expertise in

selling hardware/software products. We will also target mid-sized national

distributors who can provide us the requisite reach for G-Data range of


ACI has already appointed three Mumbai-based master distributors for G-Data,

including Systematic Infotech, NC Infotech and Miracle Overseas. The company is

targeting 100 percent growth for G-Data range of products and will hold reseller

meets to spread awareness and educate the partners further.


Citing reasons for tie-up with TAIT, Gupta men­tioned, “TAIT will provide us

with the perfect platform to further G-Data products since they have the reach

and expertise to sell the products. TAIT will help us in reaching those PC users

who want legitimate software at affordable prices.”

G-Data range of anti-virus offers the double scan feature and will be

available at Re 1 per day in retail consumer packs for single or three PCs. The

G-Data solution for SME, corporate, education and government segment is

available for five upto 500 plus users.

Added Anees Khalafay, President, TAIT, “G-Data is a reputed software that

will open more avenues for the resellers to do business. We will make every

effort to popularize the product as it will go a long way in boosting the

anti-virus market further.”

In line with its strategy to focus on higher technology products, ACI is

planning to get into distribution of networking products. “We are on a revamp

mode and are looking at moving out from box pushing business to distribution of

higher-value products. We are currently holding talks with several networking

companies and will soon announce tie-ups for firewall, routers and switch range

of products for enterprises,” noted Gupta.

Gupta further elaborated that ACI wants to diffe­rentiate itself by providing

support around installation and post installation of products and services. ACI

has three business divisions inclu­ding IT distribution; education that

concentrates on providing courses on networking, and finally hardware and

digitization division.