ACF seizes counterfeit toners

DQW Bureau
31 Oct 2011
New Update

The South Asia Anti-Counterfeit team in

coordination with local law enforcement agencies in India and

Pakistan executed 4 enforcement actions between September 28 and

October 7, 2011 in Belapur, Kolkata, Chennai and Karachi

respectively. The above 6 locations were involved in the assembly and

manufacture of counterfeit products, which then catered to retail

stores in the local IT markets in their ACF seizes counterfeit toners

respective provinces. It was estimated that in Karachi an average of

90 to 100 toners per day were supplied to local IT markets. In

Kolkata, the supplied volume is estimated at 60 toners per day. An

entity in Belapur was supplying counterfeit inks to the local IT

market in Navi Mumbai, while Chennai was a follow up action on an

earlier case in Bengaluru. With the closure of all the mentioned

locations, the team shut down an important supply chain of

counterfeits in 4 markets. The authorities seized counterfeit

products with a value of $395,521 and detained 8 subjects.