Acer launches fastest CD ROM drives 

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Product Features

Flash memory for firmware updating 

E-IDE Interface 

Supports Ultra DMA with 33.3MB/sec rate 

Sustained 8400KB/s Max data transfer rate 

90ms typical access time 

Karaoke CD 

Digital Servo Control 

Front Panel CD Audio Play / Skip Button 

Front Panel Volume Control 

Front Panel Emergency Eject Function

Acer Communications and Multimedia (ACM) has launched the worlds fastest CD-ROM drive that redefines the industry based on speed and performance. The Acer CD-656A is a 56X speed, 5.25-inch half-height form factor CD-ROM drive. 

It employs the advanced Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) technology that maintains consistent CD-ROM disk rotation speed and reads data at various transfer rates. This feature ensures less stressing of the spindle motor and thus better reliability of the drive and improves the performance of data quest in most areas of a disk. It is compatible with CD-ROM, CD-Audio, Video CD, CD-i/FMV, CD-R, CD-RW, CD Plus, I-TRAX Enhanced CD, Photo CD Single and Multi-session, Karaoke CD.

The drive using same operating system is instrumental in loading large files or high end applications; playing Video CDs, games, educational CD ROMs and corporate presentations. It also provides major benefits in terms of speed and reading data, at a sustained rate of 8400 kbps as compared to 7800 kbps on the existing 52X drives. This is important towards the fact that Acer drives load high content and graphic files much faster than the conventional speeds.

ACM is a manufacturer of computer peripherals, communication, and consumer electronic products. Company enjoys the position of advanced engineering expertise and global manufacturing operations in the industry. ACM also provides local Acer Service support for its products through its own service centers.