Acer intros new Home Cinema Center

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Acer today announced their new complete Home Cinema Center offering of an

Acer PD113P wide screen DLP projector, bundled with the Philips Home Theatre

System, which has 5.1 surround sound speakers with amplifiers and a DVD player.

The first of its kind, this offer gives customers the unique opportunity to

experience the home theatre effect with cinema quality pictures and sound, in

the comfort of their own home.

With the Acer PD113P Projector, the user has multiple options of connecting

it to the DVD player, a notebook or a desktop. The Acer PD113P can project up to

330-inches of quality picture, more than a normal home entertainment center can

provide and has a 2000:1 contrast Ratio.

Weighing 2.3 kg, the projector comes with internal speakers of two watts

output, a remote control and laser pointer.


Available at Rs 69,999 (excluding taxes), the new Acer Home Cinema Center has

been designed to occupy minimal space while giving the user, all the features

and advantages of wide screen, cinematic quality viewing.

S Rajendran, GM, Sales and Marketing, Consumer Products Group, Acer India

said, "The new Acer projector offering with the Philips 5.1 Home Theatre

System is the latest addition to our portfolio. This offering not only broadens

our scope beyond the PC user, but extends it to customers looking for a complete

home entertainment by providing him a full fledged solution. This offering will

also allows our retailers to graduate from selling PCs to selling home

entertainment products and become a one-stop shop for consumers."

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