Acer Chromebook 11 Wins Gold at Computex d&i Awards 2018

Acer has captured the d&i gold award at Computex 2018 for exceptional design, earning a total of four d&i awards – a collaboration between iF Design of Germany and TAITRA[i]. Acer also earned three Computex Best Choice Awards, co-organized by TCA[ii], in the fields of IoT, gaming, and mobile communications. The product design accolades highlight Acer’s dedication to human-centric designs and intuitive technology that empowers users.
The Computex d&i (design and innovation) award winners were chosen by a jury panel comprised of international experts gathered in Taipei, with panel members specializing in different fields assessing 212 entries from 10 countries. Of the award-winning entries, only three products were recognized with the most coveted honor,
the COMPUTEX d&i gold award 2018.

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