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With an aim to increase interac-tivity among its members, the Allahabad

Computer Dealer Welfare association (ACDWA) has started its website

“There was a big need for us as a community to interact with each other on a

regular basis and this website will help us do that in an easy way,” said,

Vipin Gupta, the newly elected President of the association.

Interactions among its members is just one of the many benefits that this

website is likely to provide. This website also has segments dedicated towards

important issues like information about defaulters or any complaint about

dealers or vendors in general.

“There are a lot of issues wherein the dealer community looses when it

comes to getting access to right information. This is just a starting for us. We

have just inaugurated this website about two days back. We hope that this will

help the channel community keep a close watch on business critical issues and

also help us in identifying defaulters operating in the market,” he added.   

Allahabad Computer Dealer Association was formed in the year 1997-98 to fight

against the weight and measurement department. Initially, there were just 38

members in the association and the first president was Sunil Chandra. At

present, the association has close to 100 members in the group.

Zia Askari New Delhi, June 2