Abel ties up with Senao for wireless solution

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Chennai-based Abel Speedwave Pvt Ltd, provider of hardware and consulting

services for the design and implemen-tation of WLAN and WAN solutions, has

entered into an agreement with Senao Inter-national to offer its full line of

2.4GHz wireless products. Senao manufac-tures a wide range of high power,

long-range 802.11x products. According to the agreement, Abel Speed-wave will

offer dealer and volume pricing to qualified retailers and WISP in south India.

Senao has a wide range of broadband wireless networking products for

enterprise, SOHO, SIs and WISP market segments. Abel Speedwave will imple-ment

and support entire Senao wireless LAN solut-ion products. The company plans to

appoint dealers in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka for promoting the Senao

long-range wireless LAN products.

The company offers solu-tions for DSL, office conver-gence, office mobility,

telecom peripherals, telecom service providers, videoconferencing, VoIP, voice,

wireless data communication and wireless LAN.


Senao’s new 802.11g standard WLAN range offers exceptional speed in data

transfer at a rate of 54 Mbps compared to the 11 mbps for 802.11b standard.

Senao’s WLAN product range sup-porting 802.11g standard in the first phase

will include PCMCIA cards for wireless-enabled laptops, PCI cards for desktops,

wireless access points and routers.

The company has core technology, efficient opera-tions, strong global

presence and a strong existing custo-mer base. Senao has in-house R&D

engineers and possess advanced R&D equipment and centers in Europe and

America. Senao excels in the field of group communications, extra-long range

service networks and has first-class R&D capability for hi-end RF wireless

co-mmunications technology. Meanwhile, it is planning to set up more research

labs in China, Europe, America and Japan.

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