Abacus Peripherals focuses on enthusiast segment

India is a study in contrasts; statistics highlight that India is the third largest smartphone market in the world and the second in terms of growth. Conversely, the PC market in India has seen very little growth in recent years and consumers are not taking to PCs or laptops like they would with smartphones.

Vipul Modi, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Abacus Peripherals says, “It is all about perceptions. The smartphone is considered a status symbol as well as a fashion statement. That is why people change their smartphones far more frequently than they would a PC or a laptop. However, at the end of the day, a PC is a lon- term investment and is far more modular, upgradable and customizable than a smartphone ever would be.”

Modi also highlights that when it comes to the average consumer, there is a lack of awareness about the technical know-how of PC components and much reliance is placed upon system integrators or vendors when it comes to building a desktop computer.

He adds, “Even so, there is an emerging enthusiast segment in India and PC gaming is becoming big, We have taken efforts to engage with the PC gaming community here and recently in association with with Antec, Nvidia Inno3D and Zion RAM sponsored the gaming events of two IT festivals at the Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Kanpur and IIT BHU. Furthermore, we expect that the advent of VR and emerging technologies shall drive this segment further.”

Ostensibly, 4k and Nvidia and AMDs upcoming Graphics Processing Unit architectures delineate exciting times for the gaming industry. VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive shall lead to more immersive experiences. Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake cpu architecture which is a tock plus and AMD’s new Zen architecture, both of which shall be launched in early 2017, shall bring about a paradigm shift in end user desktop or laptop experiences.

Modi observes, “Technology has advanced to a stage where small form factors such as laptops or even smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful. With Moore’s Law into play one can expect computing prowess to reach new heights in the years to come. “

For the PC segment, the advent of IoT, streaming services and VR as well as AR technologies are expected to drive adoption in enthusiast segments. These are certainly exciting times that we live in.

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