A wave of thefts mar festive season for Chandigarh channel partners

DQW Bureau
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With the increasing number of thefts of laptops and desktops the channel

community of Chandigarh is a worried lot and is taking security very seriously.

The festive season of Deepawali has brought along thieves striking at

different places and there have been instances of companies facing theft of

high-end IT products like laptops and monitors.

In one such an incident, few days back, Mohali showroom of Beyond Computers

was robbed and the thieves made good with IT goods worth more than Rs 2.5 lakh.

"We lost three laptops, four LCD monitors and some other products.

Obviously, the thieves were well aware of what they were stealing and must have

come in a car in the dead of night, otherwise they would not have taken it all

so easily. We have already lodged a police complaint and are hoping that the

culprits would be brought to book," said IP Singh, Director, Beyond



In a similar incident, in July, Sector 34-based Parametric Infosolutions Pvt

Ltd was robbed, in the dead of night and thieves got away with laptops and

desktops worth more than Rs 10 lakh.

"Thieves broke open four locks and took out all the laptops lying in the

shop. They also took away desktops and some other material. We registered a case

with the local police and so far they have not been traced. However, the police

is yet to give us a 'Non-Tra-ceable' rep-ort. This report is needed to file

for the insurance cover. These thieves know that it is easy to take and sell

laptops anywhere, so they are targeting dealers having big stake in laptops and

desktops," informed, Rajat Gupta, Director at Parametric Infosolutions.

Interestingly, sources close to the Chandigarh channel market have informed

that there were two failed attempts to steal in a similar manner from Binary

Infotech as well as Diksha Computers. Both these attempts happened during the

past 15 days only, but fortunately for these two companies — the burglars

could not take away anything as the guards thwarted their efforts and they had

to flee.


"These thieves know that festive season is about to start and there is

stock lying with us. So may be they are trying to take advantage of this. We

have now started to take security more seriously. We have proper security

systems in place now and hope that the police acts quickly and the thieves are

caught soon," Singh added.

The channel community in Chandigarh is hoping that the police will act

quickly and the culprits will soon be brought to book.

Zia Askari