A Visual Treat……

The need for experiencing
a visual ecstasy in computing is the key factor shaping up the
monitor market today across India. The need is particularly being
driven by the boom in the gaming and personal entertainment segment,
making computers more personal and the growth exponential. In effect,
fueling display innovations that are high on technology as well as
design and aesthetics, like 3D monitors, feather touch buttons, sleek
designs, etc that go beyond the traditional and the given.

The emphasis on visual
treat and aesthetics has given an additional spurt to the already
emerged trend of shift towards LCD. Apart from the growing consumer
preference for aesthetics, the technological advancements taking
place in the LCD category and the reducing price gap between the CRT
and LCD categories is also driving the clear shift towards LCD
monitors in India. With the result that the market reached that
significant inflection point two years back, when the LCD share
overtook the CRT market share.

The pricing in monitor
market is dependent on the demand and supply matrix of the monitor
panel. This is termed as the Crystal Cycle phenomenon. This trend
primarily governs the pricing of monitors in different markets across
the country. The LCD pricing trend is also, therefore, well defined
through a ‘Crystal Cycle’, governed by demand supply situation.
While the overall YoY trend shows a 5-10% price erosion from entry to
exit, the Crystal Cycle swings up the pricing to high levels for
about 4 to 6 months in a year. Thus, if we consider the average price
for the year, many products will not show significant price erosion.

Within LCD monitors, the
shift is now happening towards the larger screen. The 19 inch has
become the mainstream model now. Now the market is clearly moving
towards the 22 inch Wide TFT monitors. The buying trend will also be
focused on wider monitors with the price difference between 17 inch
and 19 inch coming down. On the technology front, newer technologies
incorporating higher resolutions, multi-functional solutions and
integration of other computing peripherals like speakers, webcam,
iPod, etc with monitors is revolutionizing this segment like never
before. Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Display (AP/LCD)
technology is the latest display technology breakthrough. LCDs with
extreme view angles, advanced resolution and LCD-TV models are some
of the emerging technological advancements. The superiority in
technology is through various factors like Digital Fine Contrast
Ratio (DFC), Ultra Fast Response Time, Wide Color Gamut 100% and
Wider Viewing Angle. Higher DFC to the tune of 10000:1, ability to
toggle between two aspect ratios (seeing 4:3 in wide), Wide Color
Gamut 100%, Lightning Fast response time of 2ms are some of the
technologies that are fast coming up. LCD monitors with higher
contrast ratios, lower refresh rates and HDMI inputs.

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