A two-day Hackathon in Chennai hosted by LYNK

The Chennai based logistics tech startu Lynk is hosting ‘LYNK HACKS’, a two-day hackathon in Chennai on 16th and 17th September 2017.

Lynk is confident about the hackathon because it will help solve some very crucial challenges faced by the logistics industry today using technology. It is planning to rope in the smartest techies in town from academic and professional circles to participate in this collaborative effort.

The hackathon is around the use of Computer Vision in Logistics, and is aimed at automating authentication and KYC processes which is integral to the day to day operations in the industry.Lynk is partnering with Ramco Systems to conduct the over-night hackathon at its premises in Adyar, Chennai. The LYNK HACKS will witness keynote presentations by industry experts and networking sessions to engage the hackers.

Participation is free and open to all. Final codes will be showcased to the panelists,who will pick the best three teams. The entries will be judged on parameters such as originality, accuracy in solving the challenge and minimal margin of error. The winner, runner-up and the second runner-up will get cash prizes worth Rs. 50,000, Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 20,000 respectively.

Commenting on LYNK Hacks, Abinav Raja, Co-founder, Lynk said, “Logistics sector being an unorganized sector, disruptive technologies will help make a huge difference to the industry. This hackathon will involve a pool of skilled developers attempting to bring in inventive ideas as we strive to re-shape the industry.”

“LYNK Hacks is a platform that is focusing on simplifying serious digitization challenges every business is witnessing due to the rapid advancement in technologies. Face Detection and Optical Character recognition solutions will not only help change contours of business at Lynk but also of the logistics industry.”

Lynk is a technology platform for intra-city logistics that connects a shipper with a transporter, in order to move goods within a city, on-demand. The company uses proprietary algorithms to efficiently match the right driver with the right customer, based on a variety of parameters like real time, estimated time of arrival (ETA), vehicle type, vehicle structure, driver preferences, customer preferences, etc.

Lynk is currently one of the most downloaded trucking App (100,000+ downloads) in India.

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