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New Update

SharkID was launched in Ahmedabad. A Bootstrapped StartUp with capital investment of $ 2 million, SharkID is a joint venture between e-Procurement Technologies and Silver Touch Technologies.


Founded by Mr Ramesh Sinha, a technocrat and serial entrepreneur, SharkID is a smart phonebook app that auto updates itself and focuses on creating digital card format of contacts distinguished as a personal card and digital business card.

The user registers with mobile number (verified through OTP) and fills in multiple contact fields that creates his/her Personal Card which is private by default. Backed by a highly scalable Service-oriented architecture with full stack technology, SharkID deploys a Big data Database Mongo and Redis for storage and Encrypted streaming for data security.  The advantages include:

  • Next time you call/receive a call from unknown number SharkID will tell you who is calling & how many of your friends know him/her.
  • Know who all have saved your number & remove your number from a stranger’s smart phonebook. Currently you decide whose number you can have, now you have the power to control who can have your number.
  • Next time you want to share your contact coordinates i.e. mobile, phone, fax, IP phone, skype, email, website, social handles, biz card, emergency numbers, address just share your universal SharkID. E.g. Ramesh
  • No more dead contacts or duplicate contacts, as SharkID is an auto-updating phonebook. It is like your phonebook but a lot smarter. The more you call, the more you discover.
  • You can publish personal card & biz cards on SharkID and share one/both with select users.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Ramesh Sinha, Founder - SharkID, said, “At the outset, we had decided to design a product that is disruptive and accelerates the pace of change.

SharkID meshes technologies to actually Smarten the smartphone and puts the choice in the user’s hands, for once. We all have multiple digital coordinates today – mobile number, email, Instagram, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, etc…which makes for an increasingly cluttered digital profile, making it almost impossible to recall or store. SharkID enables convergence – share your single-point contact and the recipient will get all your coordinates.

Moreover, Digital Business Cards that can be shared easily – no hassle of carrying actual visiting cards. Because you can control who has access to your card, you choose who can contact you.”


Elaborating further, he added, "Due to our technology DNA, we have access to a good talent pool. Backed by a robust technology backbone, today we have 80,000 downloads with 75,000 cards exchanged and 100,000 calls made.

SharkID boasts best-of-breed features and the user can do a Single click call, email, SMS, WhatsApp etc…directly. There are additional features such as searching by hastag and grouping, enabled by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”.

Currently the company plans to deepen the user experience and expand the user-pool across India to 10 million by March 2019