56 percent voter turnout for CMDA elections

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size="3"> href="">Puneet

Singhal was elected as the President of CMDA and the four office

bearers were already elected un-opposed two weeks prior to the CMDA

elections scheduled on March 27. Hence, there was no suspense

surrounding that on the day of the election. The only suspense left

was the election of the seven Executive Council members, where only

eight people were contesting for. The voting process was held at two

venues in the day and the results were declared in the evening. Out

of the registered 94 members only 53 people turned out to cast their

votes at the respective venues. Perhaps one of the primary reasons

behind this is that, thesedays members do not get too much time to

get into the nitty-gritty of the associations' matters and hence

refrain themselves from casting vote.


now the elected Executive Council members consist of Anoop Kumar of

Modcare Enterprises receiving the maximum number of votes (49 votes),

Rajeev Mohan of Internatialnal Computer Resources (47 votes),

Rajeshwar Tiwari of Softek Office Products (45 votes), Kuldeep Singh

of Ascent Information Systems (47 votes), Kuldeep Kalra of Vikel

Business Corporation (45 votes), Hemant Grover of Total Solutions (41

votes) and Girish Bharti of Bharti Coated Papers (47 votes). Anil

Ahuja (20 votes) of Brite Technologies received the least number of

votes and hence failed to secure his position in the Executive body.

Ahuja had been serving CMDA for eight years in a row now.


Khanna, Secretary, CMDA spoke at length about the election process

they adopted on the election day. “We followed a full proof and

transparent procedure during the elections. The association even made

a list of all the members in order to verify them. And the moment the

members casted all the seven votes of their choice on the ballot

paper, we cut the bottom of the ballot paper and put it inside the




elected members comprise both ex-members as well as first timers. One

such newcomer in CMDA is Hemant Grover of Total Solutions. He spoke

to The DQ Week about his plans and visions for the association during

his tenure. He added, “To begin with I would like to consolidate

and update the website that we created last year. Updating it would

not be enough, we also need to use it as a market tool for the media

market in Delhi. At the moment, the media dealers are scattered all

over the capital.” But on the other hand, last year there were some

members who wanted to pass on their responsibilities to others as

they had not been able to take out time for association work. “During

the last term I was the Treasurer, but this time I did not contest

because its high time I should concentrate on my business more.

Moreover, the job of a Treasurer involves a lot of cash handling. It

was getting too much for me to handle so much money,” noted SK

Agarwal of Micromax Media.

size="3"> href="">The

association was hoping that a young brigade of new entrants would take

over the leadership this year.


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