'50 % of our development will be from India'

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Started in the 1984, Canada-based Sangoma Technologies is a connectivity

hardware/software provider that is seriously looking towards India for

formula-ting partnerships with big system integrators in the region. It is also

planning to get more than 50 percent of its development work done in India. Zia

Askari of CyberMedia News spoke with David Mandelstam, President and CEO at

Sangoma, about the com-pany's India strategy.

What is the current focus of Sangoma and how do you look at India as a

market for your products?

As India is one of the most sought after markets in the world, we have a

clear focus to-wards increasing our business as well as development pre-sence in

India. As we engage with a lot more customers over here, we would be doing more

than 50 percent of our develo-pment from India.

This country is a like a jewel in the Asian crown. The cou-ntry's networks

have grown quite a lot over the past seve-ral years and all this has lead to

complex pro-blems that have to be solved at the network and carrier level. Our

products can help them do that.


How do you plan to tap the Indian market?

We started our Indian ven-ture by partnering with Delhi-based IT Globe and

providing our WAN card to Midas for its CorDect product. They have done

extremely well with that product and now they are successfully taking it outside

India to other geographies as well.

Moving forward, we would like to continue working with IT Globe and as we

have seen with many other companies, we would be doing a lot of our development

effort from India. Though this development will be taken forward by IT Globe, we

will be involved at the strategy and at the implemen-tation levels. All our

development efforts in India will be handled by IT Globe.

What kind of partnerships are you looking for in India?

We are working towards having partnerships with different big system

integra-tors like Wipro, HCL and GTL in the Indian region. We are going to work

with HCL by providing them with bill collection information. HCL is

participating in a very big BSNL national tender for call data recording (CDR)-a

feature in a telephone system that allows it to collect and record info-rmation

on incoming and out-going calls. The overall size of this tender is some-where

around Rs 2,000 crore. Our partnership will help HCL in better posi-tioning

itself to compete with other vendors.


We are also likely to work closely with Wipro for a couple of its futuristic

networking products. We would be integra-ting voice-based strategies such as

VOIP on ADSL for TDM voice.

Are you looking at expanding your base in India by establishing your own


We are quite happy with the way IT Globe has taken forward our initiatives,

so we will continue to work closely with them in the near future. IT Globe

already has a pre-sence in all the prominent cities, like Bangalore, Hyde-rabad,

Ahmedabad, Pune and Bhopal. We would also be looking forward to adding Mumbai to

that list.

However, I will not rule out the possibility of having Sangoma's own

presence in India, if we achieve the critical mass of customers over a period of