World Earth Day

5 Green Technology will take care of Earth

April 22nd is observed as Earth Day, and it is aim to inspire awareness for saving our environment, but don’t you think that one day is not enough to remind us for saving mother nature, it should be everyday. But, as you all know we are living in technology driven world, which is not so ‘cool’ for our environment, so how can we ease Earth’s burden, here are some green technology for you, that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about helping the Earth.


Oroeco is an app that tracks your climate impacts by automatically putting a carbon value on everything you buy, what you eat, how you get around and the energy you use at home. The app gives you personalized tips for you how you can save money along with climate and reward you with points, price and deals for taking action to fight climate change.

Green App

It can be difficult to keep track of all the green products out there, but the Good Guide app makes it easy. Available for free on both iOS and Android, the app uses scientific ratings to give an eco-friendly score of 0 to 10 to more than 210,000 products and their manufacturers. Users can search by category or simply scan a barcode within the app to get a score before a purchase. The app works for all sorts of products, from pet food, to baby products, makeup, food and more.


The Bolt is the smallest and lightest electric skateboard in the world. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to use, and has very low power consumption. There’s even a USB port, so you can charge your devices while you are traveling.

Solar Phone Charger

With a solar phone charger, you will be done with those desperate runs for a plug with electricity, while saving energy. Just put your charger in the sun, and you will be set.

Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 

This solar-powered charger is a 4000mAh device that keeps your power-hungry devices powered up for free. You can optionally charge the unit via AC power. A true green choice.

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