'3D projectors and 3D monitors are our selling points for 2010'

DQW Bureau
23 Nov 2010

Which are the hot products from BenQ for 2010?

BenQ has recently unveiled a range of 3D monitors and 3D projectors which are well-received in the market. These products will be our selling points in 2010. In 2009, we introduced a full series of LED monitors and for 2010, we are launching VA LED monitors that deliver better color reproduction and an ultra-high contrast ratio.

VA LED panels stand out from other solutions. They can produce true black with zero bright dot (ZBD) and even minimize light leakage, leading to better contrast. The viewing angles are also maximized to 178 degrees, both vertical and horizontal. We are using the 'Senseye Human Vision Technology' to increase image clarity and detail in the new product. The product is currently being shipped to different markets.

Where does BenQ stand in projector and LCD/LED products' market?

Today, we have a range of digital projectors, LCD/LED monitors, TVs, digital cameras, laptop PCs, e-book readers, and storage devices. But our best sellers are projectors and LCD products. BenQ is placed among the world's top three in projector market, and is on top six slot in LCD products.

Our company has also received over 230 international design awards in the past eight years.

BenQ is investing heavily on 3D products. How well is the company positioned to take on biggies like Sony?

We already have 15 models of 3D monitors ready for shipments. This will be gradually increased to 20 models by the end of 2011. In addition, we have two series of six 3D TV models in 2010. The adoption of 3D models have been slow due to lack of 3D content in the market. A lot of commercial users are looking for 3D projectors. Watching this trend, we have introduced a solution to convert 2D content to 3D in our camcorders this year. The issues related to viewing angle and high cost exist. We are also working on a 3D TV which can be viewed without glasses. But this is still in the conceptual stage. I hope this will become a reality in the coming years.

When can we expect BenQ's solar powered notebooks in the market?

The key for this product will be efficient use of sunlight or room light. We have already come out with the conceptual model which is 20 percent power efficient (which means it can absorb 20 percent of the energy it receives from the source). We are working with our joint venture company to increase power efficiency. Latest tests indicate that we have been able to improve the power efficiency to 22 percent which is one of the best achieved in the industry so far. I hope this will be introduced in the market within two years.

BenQ has also introduced e-book readers for Chinese market. How do you plan to compete with products like Apple iPad or Kindle?

BenQ e-reader is appreciated for its innovative touch controls. The 6” capacitive touch screen display enables instantly familiar, one-hand operation. Choosing a book, purchasing a new title, and consulting the table of contents require just a touch of a finger. Turning pages is as simple as a flick of a fingertip.
BenQ has entered into a collaboration with eBook Taiwan, an online bookstore offering online purchases of English, Chinese, and Japanese e-books. Our customers can access a million popular comics, essays, magazines, and novels available now for purchase or free download on eBook Taiwan. This has strengthened our position in the Chinese market.

Sharath Kumar/CIOL

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