2 lakh IT jobs to grow in Kerala by next 5 years

DQW Bureau
New Update


With the IT infrastructural boom in Kerala, the state predicts to generate as

many as 2 lakh jobs in the next five years. Neela Gangadharan, Chief Secretary,

Kerala inaugu­rated this conference entitled 'IT in Kerala-Challenges and

Opportu­nities'. The conference was organized by the CII, in the backdrop of the

IT panel of CII Kerala State Council having taken up the mandate to facilitate

accelerated growth of the IT industry within the state.

Gangadharn consented that the job scene is rosy and will see over 2 lakh jobs

in the IT scene over the next five-year period. She believes that the state

government has already taking measures to set-up over 200 rural IT parks. This

will be termed Techno Lodges and will probably take two to three years for


A panel discussion on the topic brought experts in the IT scene from Kerala

and those from outside. They discussed the future IT scene in Kerala and

recognized the need to brand Kerala as an IT destination.

At the conference, the need to improve the education system, impar­ting soft

skills and exposure to students was stressed by proponents such as SD Shibulal,

COO, Infosys Technologies. He hoped that Kerala will become an IT destination


Important topics of discussion and debate also included the requirement of

social infrastructural development. It was noted that the society should accept

the IT industry and its challenges. The organization will facilitate an

interface between the industry and the government.